Our projects

AROC Youth Community Day

Volunteers (Javon) assist in building a handicap ramp for an elderly senior in the community of Awendaw to be able to enable the physically disabled as well as seniors to enjoy complete freedom, as they allow seniors/ disabled individuals to move in and around the home safely and freely.

It Takes a Community

Everyone working together for the greater good truly transforms lives, getting our young men and women involved in the community is the path to a healthy community one senior at a time.

AROC Youth Community Day 2023

Volunteers who want to serve their community and make life better for one elderly citizen at a time until all in the community and the region are served.


Collaboration with Purpose

AROC was honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Francis Marion Ranger District, working in conjunction with Janna Dupre, Deputy Director of the Sewee Visitors Center. Our agreement commenced in 2014 through September 30, 2016. The Forest Service contributed a total of $11,680 to AROC. Through Janna's generous efforts and the Forest Services contribution, we were able to hire in-school youths, transform their lives, and put them on the road to a positive and rewarding future.

In 2016, AROC was elated to learn, that our agreement was extended until June 30, 2019. Unfortunately, no funding came with that. We knew with the varied projects, programs, and tasks that the Forest Service was confronted with daily at the time, AROCs were lost in the shuffle. The number of youth we served in our partnership collaboration from 2014-2015 was 12 in-school youths from Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties who gained valuable work experience of the 12 in-school students seven(7) enrolled in colleges, 4 were employed and one(1) established his own landscaping business. Photos below are the students that Janna and Michelle took along the way of the summer YCC's journey of It Takes a Village.  We accomplished our statement of mutual benefits for our youths to be able to create their resumes of their first work experience as a federal entity the USDA Francis Marion National Forest Service and AROC made a difference in the lives of in-school youths for the greater good.