AROC has collaborated with the IRS from 2020

To provide free federal and state income tax return preparation and free electronic filing through the VITA and TCE programs to help underserved people in their communities each year.

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AROC has collaborated with the IRS from 2020

To provide free federal and state income tax return preparation and free electronic filing through the VITA and TCE programs to help underserved people in their communities each year.

AROC was one of the thousands of organizations throughout the country that include free income tax return preparation and free electronic filing as one of the services they provide to underserved people in their communities? The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs, run by volunteer organizations nationwide and administered by the IRS through its Stakeholder Partnerships, Education & Communication (SPEC) office, are vital to many American citizens who need to file their federal and state tax returns each year. These programs help millions of low-to-moderate income taxpayers accurately prepare and file their tax returns for free with help from IRS-certified volunteers.

AROC continued serving even though the VITA and TCE programs face unprecedented challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruptions in service, our partners across the country stand ready to serve taxpayers both in-person and virtually this filing season.

VITA/TCE Sites and Volunteers

AROC's VITA and TCE sites are generally located in 9 libraries in Charleton, Berkley Counties community and neighborhood libraries. AROC already have relationships with partner's in the communities and providing tax return preparation and electronic filing gives our partners one more way to improve the lives of those they serve.

AROC's certified volunteers appearances in Charleton, Berkeley Counties created a better tax filing experience for their clients. Those who help with the VITA/TCE program come from all walks of life: professionals, retirees, college and high school students, IRS employees and many others who want to help in their communities. Many generously sacrifice their evenings and weekends to help others by mentoring, tutoring, advising or finding other ways to provide service, selflessly giving back to their communities. In addition to helping those in need, some volunteers, like high school students, gain practical experience and a view into a potential professional future.

AROC's VITA/TCE volunteers have several years of service helping taxpayers our Certified volunteers sponsored by AROC. Our certified volunteers received different levels of training depending on the types of tax returns they will help prepare in communities. Our Volunteers

completed their training online via, allowing them to take courses and obtain certification at their own pace. Some of the types of volunteer positions included greeter/screener, interpreter, site administrator/coordinator, tax preparer, quality reviewer, computer specialist/trouble shooter and tax coach. There were many opportunities for anyone, at any education level, to help.

AROC typically provide in person training, we use more interactive virtual methods, including conference calls and webinars.

VITA has always provided underserved communities with free tax filing service offered by volunteers trained and certified by the IRS to help low-to moderate-income taxpayers prepare and file tax returns. This also includes the elderly, the disabled and those with limited English proficiency. Since the program started, we have remained committed to expanding VITA by recruiting more volunteers to provide assistance countywide in South Carolina.

TCE is mainly for people age 60 or older. Although the program focuses on tax issues unique to seniors, all taxpayers can generally get help from the TCE program. AROC participated in the TCE program for Tax-Aide. They provide training and technical help to volunteers who provide free tax counseling and other forms of assistance to elderly individuals who need help preparing their federal income tax returns.

During VITA's first filing season, 7,500 volunteers used paper and pencils to prepare about 100,000 returns. Now, more than 80,000 VITA and TCE volunteers operate through more than 11,000 sites using tax preparation software and laptops to prepare and electronically file approximately 3.5 million returns each year.


Each year, SPEC's Grant Program Office awards millions of dollars to organizations that support VITA and TCE programs across the nation, helping to expand VITA services to underserved populations and increase the number of taxpayers able to file electronically. AROC, despite many challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and implementation of the Taxpayer First Act, even though several significant changes to help grant recipients "AROC" never received any grant funds to assist as a partner -No funds were provided to us to help those in need.

AROC was not included in the 2021, the IRS awarded $25 million to 273 VITA applicants and

$11 million to 34 TCE applicants. We did not continue as small community nonprofit could not afford to continue to pay our volunteers mileage, provide lunch, so we could not continue to participate in the VITA and TCE program nor the grant programs not enough certified volunteer for us to apply for the grant funds, even though the program continue to expand

services to underserved communities in Charleston, Berkeley Counties we could not because AROC was using its small budget to provide alternative education for at-risk youth, young adult and family for those that dropped out of school and to AROC our mission out weighted the grants mission for the VITA/TCE program grant.

Our collaboration begun in 2020-2022 with year-round services.