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The Awendaw Regional Outreach Center has worked in the greater Awendaw, McClellanville area for 12 years. Our work has targeted at risk students, non-students, and adults by preparing them to take the high school equivalency examination and improving their reading skills.

Our tutorial help is computer base and personal. We are dedicated to improving the educational level of at-risk youths and we fully understand that the ability to read and comprehend the material is critical in taking advantage of employment opportunities and advancing one’s employment.

In our 12 years of working and assisting young family members we are also able to assist adult members of the household who could benefit from our services with Mrs. Shirley Taylor, Ulanda Smalls-Scott and a host of volunteers to help achieve your educational goals.

These grants will greatly aid us in our efforts to aid the youth of our community and other members of our community, regardless of age who did not complete high school or who is struggling to prepare for high school equivalency examination or needs help in improving their reading skills.

DG- Youth Summer Reading Project funds of $3,000, we have target 25 students from Pre-K- 12th grade students target below grade level readers, assist readers with learning disabilities so student will feel capable to achieve their educational goals.

Adult Literacy Project funds of $ 6,000 will provide direct services to adults in need of literacy assistance for 35 youth, young adults in the areas of Adult Basic Education, GED or high school equivalency preparation, English Language Acquisition.

AROC invites you to achieve your educational journey in competing high school. We have extended our invitation so call us today! For additional information & enrollment call Bettye J Simmons-Weeks at (843) 437-7040 or Mrs. Shirley Taylor our Student Services Administrator and teacher or visit us our website for enrollment at: