Awendaw Regional Outreach Center

Awendaw RegionalOutreachCenter

Free Eyeglass Project for 2021

We would be honored to provide 24 compliment pairs of eyeglasses for our underserved individuals in our services area by the end of 2021. We here at AROC is uniquely positioned with a new partner to help us with those in need of this valuable service. Call us today to for AROC’s special voucher program for at-risk youth, young adults and family, seniors and veteran, disability individuals we serve in Charleston and Berkeley County.


Eye disease is widespread from children to adults. There are thousands of people who go without eye care and eyeglasses due to low income. Eye disease should be treated properly and timely. Lack of care, exams, and treatment may cause severe eyesight loss. So people consider it as a costly treatment because there are so many processes of treatment that are costly indeed. But there is the hope of assistance to help low-income people. There are free eye care and eyeglasses for low-income available from different organizations at free of cost according to their eye health needs.