Awend​aw Regional Outreach Center 

About Us

Who We Are

Founded as a community organization for literacy and job training efforts in 2010. Awendaw Regional Outreach Center (AROC) has since grown into a permanent resource for the See Wee to Santee communities for our core services  areas: Education, Job Training, and Consulting Services, Affordable Healthcare through the Healthcare Marketplace.  Individuals, family  receives,  counseling, and educational opportunities like financial literacy classes, computer skills training, job readiness workshops. These services are all enhanced through personal interaction with staff who provide individualized support for each client, ongoing case management, and emphasize accountability and achievement.

Our Mission

To improve the health, educational attainment, human welfare of at-risk youth, young adult, and family in the regional area through literacy education, on-the-job-training, employment services.

Our Vision

To become the resource center of choice for education, job training, employment, human services that serves our region with compassion, integrity,  To continue building collaboration, partnership to create programs that will  address critical program to move children and families from their present state to self- sufficiency, productive members of society.